Welcome to Our North Crawley Neighbourhood Plan Page


Welcome Everyone,

The North Crawley Steering group received many comments about our 1st plan draft and we talked about each and every one of them, some had valid points that we have decided to take into account.

Because of this we have amended the Neighbourhood plan and we are now going to give everyone a chance to view,digest and comment on the new plan with another 6 week consultation, this starts 5th October and runs to Friday 16th 2018

As of Jan 2019 our plan has been Submitted to Milton Keynes Council who have started their own 6 week Consultation period, once this has expired it will then be sent to an examiner to make sure our plan complies with planning laws and policies

All being well….its then off to REFERENDUM 🙂

* The Examiner Set by Milton Keynes Council has viewed our plan and found it acceptable for referendum *

** Referendum date – 26th September 2019 **


Draft consultation oct 2018-page-001

This will be an ever evolving Hub of information which will continue being added to.

Please feel free to look over the information and if you have any questions then send us a message and one of the Committee will endeavour to get in touch



The North Crawley Neighbourhood plan Committee is working on behalf of the North Crawley Parish Council – http://www.northcrawley-pc.gov.uk/